Implementasi Pembelajaran Entrepreneurship Mahasiswa Berbasis The 5E Learning Cycle Model

  • Denny Bernardus
Keywords: The 5E Learning Cycle Model, entrepreneurship learning


The 5E Learning Cycle Model is a method of project based learning. This means that students are not only given the theory but also the experience of implementing each stage of the 5E Learning Cycle Model. The model is based on cycle that includes: (1) engagement, (2) exploration, (3) identification, (4) ideation, (5) visualization and evaluation, and (6) execution and monitoring. Through this learning method successfully born the "startup" retail business of students. The "startup" retail business separates in commercial locations such as mall and food court. The "startup" retail business providing hands-on experience on how the process of setting up a retail business. Furthermore, knowledge and managerial skills of sales and marketing, operations, finance, and human resources were also transferred to the students successfully.