The Effect of Multimedia As a Means of Delivering Information and Promotion Towards Flashcard Products

Hutomo Setia Budi, Jesslyn Faustina


Every product which launched would definitely need a promotion to introduce its products to the society. In the promotion itself, there are various strategies and media to support product promotion. Multimedia is one of the media promotion which is widely used to help in providing information towards products. Flashcards is one of the edugame products which serves to sharpen children’s ability in various aspects such as motoric, visual, and verbal, and encourage children to be more proactive. Besides, flashcards can also become medium for the parents to be more involved and interact with their children. In the product "flashcard little learner", one of the promotional media used is multimedia. Multimedia Media is used since it is an effective means to help deliver message to the audience. This research discusses the effect of multimedia as a means of delivering information and promotion towards products, especially edugame flashcard products.

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