Desain Interior Restoran dengan Tema Soerabaya Tempoe Doeloe

  • Alvina Leonardo
  • Astrid Kusumowidagdo
  • Stephanus Evert Indrawan
Keywords: Interior Design, Restaurant, Indonesian Food, Surabaya, Tempoe Doeloe


Food is one of human’s primary needs. But nowadays, people don’t only consider food as their primary need but also as lifestyle as well as recreational medium. Customers of the restaurant don’t only come to enjoy the meal but also to do recreation and enjoy theambience of the restaurant. So, restaurant as a place that sells food should fulfill that customer’s need, by giving interesting and impressive interior design to the customer. Comfortable andimpressive interior design can also give added value to that restaurant and maybe can attract morecustomer to come. Moreover, nowadays there are more and more culinary business thatmake culinary business competition become more tight. So, every culinary business that can be in form of restaurant, cafe or whatever it is needs to have uniqueness and special things which can differentiate each of them with the other. One of the solution is by having unique interior design and represent the restaurant’s business concept and brand image. And the purpose of designing interior of restaurant Mango Terrace is to give comfortable interior designto customer, from space planning aspect and ambience aspect. This design is also fulfill the requirement of seats number that client wants and the needs of restaurantfacility, which is facility of restaurant operational as well as other facility. Designer use Soerabaya Tempoe Doeloe theme in this restaurant which is suitable the location of the restaurant.


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